Hydro and Water

Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP’s hydroelectric practice combines expertise and a willingness to craft game-changing arguments to find solutions for our clients. As a result, we have represented clients not only in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), but also in federal appeals courts, state forums and in various legislatures, including the United States Congress.

Our hydroelectric practice involves a wide range of counseling, negotiation, legislative representation and litigation to resolve issues in virtually all aspects of federal hydropower regulation, including licensing and relicensing (including assessments and allocations of the project’s benefits and burdens), environmental impacts and mitigation, dam safety, recreation, compliance issues during the term of a FERC-issued license and enforcement. Our clients have also engaged us to represent them in environmental and rate issues involving the federal marketing agencies. We represent municipal entities, private developers, local governments, Indian tribes and groups of stakeholder residents, landowners and citizens in these matters throughout the United States. The firm’s extensive practice in electric rate regulation, transmission and power sales adds to the depth of the advice that we can provide to our hydro clients.

Clients have also asked us to represent them in water supply matters, especially those related to FERC-licensed hydroelectric projects, and we have represented water agencies and municipalities that wish to add hydropower to an existing reservoir or to continue withdrawing drinking water from reservoirs built for other purposes, including hydropower.

We appreciate the history and importance to many towns and municipalities of their hydro projects, and our clients have retained us to represent them on scenic and historic preservation issues, land use and shoreline management and coordination with local and state agencies. We understand that hydro development and regulation are multi-faceted and require combining and balancing multiple uses and values. With our lawyers’ wide experience and knowledge, we believe that our practice group is well able to assist clients achieve their goals in this complex area