Diversity in Thought and Background

Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP is strongly committed to its history and culture of diversity. The firm was one of the first law firms to hire lawyers in the 1960s based on their legal ability, without regard to such factors as gender, race or sexual orientation. The firm has always believed in getting the best people available by inspiring enthusiasm for and perseverance in a continuing and difficult series of legal battles. The firm’s founder, George Spiegel, long felt that the experience of being beaten in court by someone that others had been unwilling to hire — because of characteristics not relevant to their legal abilities — led, in part, to the much more open hiring practices now common among law firms.

Although the firm has grown over the years in both size and breadth, the principles on which Spiegel & McDiarmid was founded still guide our efforts. We have served more than 500 clients throughout the United States and we have substantially more than our share of “cutting edge” cases. In this shared endeavor, we welcome diversity in thought and background and emphasize that we hire on an equal opportunity basis. Today, as always, we believe that we are better able to serve our clients’ needs by offering a diverse background of talent and intellect.