Client Alert: FERC Seeks Comments on Hydropower Recreation Rule and Draft Water Conveyance Engineering Guidelines

May 24, 2018

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) has announced proposed changes to its rules relating to the use and development of recreation facilities at FERC-licensed hydropower projects.  It is proposing to eliminate the requirement that licensees submit “FERC Form 80,” and it is proposing revisions to its regulations regarding public notice and signage for recreation facilities.  Comments on this proposed rule are due July 23, 2018.  Separately, FERC has requested comments on its draft engineering guidelines on water conveyances.  Comments on these draft guidelines are due July 16, 2018.

In the Client Alert linked below, we briefly discuss FERC’s current regulations regarding reporting, public notice, and signage for recreation facilities at FERC-licensed projects, and explain the changes FERC is proposing.  We also provide a brief summary of the draft water conveyance engineering guidelines, which FERC technical staff will use in processing license applications and in evaluating dams under the Commission’s safety regulations.