Negotiating Agreements

Good agreements are bridges.  They connect diverse parties with different needs to common objectives and long-term, big-picture opportunities.  They link ideas to creatively solve clients’ unique problems.  They help local economies develop and connect to the globe.  Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP lawyers understand how to build these bridges — and how to rebuild them as client needs and circumstances evolve.


Through transactional contracts and litigation settlements, the firm has successfully represented its clients in negotiations related to nearly every aspect of the energy industry, including:

  • Purchases and sales of energy, capacity, and related products and services — including long-term firm capacity, unit power, system power, full-requirements, fixed quantities, cost-based formula rates, market rates, Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) form contracts, energy-management services, and renewable energy resources and credits;
  • Joint construction, ownership, and operation of generation and transmission facilities;
  • Interconnection and interchange;
  • Compensation for the use of client-owned generation and transmission assets; and
  • Rate case settlements to set wholesale market rules and gas and electric transmission prices.


We work with our Airport clients to ensure that each airport sponsor’s agreements with airlines and other airport tenants are tailored to fit into the sponsor’s overall business strategies.  And, because we are also experienced transportation litigators, we are able to ensure that the agreements we help to draft meet the FAA’s stringent requirements and limit the potential for Part 16 litigation down the line. 


The firm has successfully negotiated a wide variety of communications-related agreements.  These include agreements for right-of-way use, cable franchising, dark fiber leases and indefeasible rights of use, pole attachments, wireless site leases, broadcast station purchases and sales, and programming.