Airport proprietors require a broad range of legal services, from contract negotiation and regulatory compliance to advocacy in front of lawmakers and transportation agencies in Washington.  But perhaps more importantly, they need attorneys who understand their perspectives and act exclusively for primary, commercial service, reliever and general aviation airports.  That defines the lawyers of Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP.

Compliance with federal aviation law, grant assurances and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and policy can present overwhelming challenges for airport managers and local counsel.  We help airport proprietors achieve local goals in accordance with federal airport compliance obligations and help airport staff meet constantly evolving aviation security requirements.  Our lawyers answer airport compliance questions as quickly and informally as our clients need.

Among the most common yet most important legal activities facing airports is the drafting and negotiation of contracts.  We help our clients negotiate and draft airline use and lease agreements, FBO and other airside agreements, and leases for non-aeronautical facilities developed on airport land.  Airports administrators consult us on a variety of contractual matters arising out of airline agreements and other airport leases.

Court proceedings, tribunal hearings and agency investigations are an inescapable aspect of airports’ legal affairs.  We represent airport clients in the federal courts, before the DOT, and in agency enforcement actions, such as FAA Part 16 investigatory proceedings and compliance audits.  Air service development, capital financing and environmental matters round out our aviation-related offerings.  But clients in other surface transportation sectors retain us as well.

Excellence in legal representation is expected of any law firm.  But Spiegel & McDiarmid stands out from other transportation law providers for our exclusive representation of airport proprietors.  As a matter of policy, we never represent airlines or opponents of airport development.  Our clients rely on us for our specialized dedication to their interests as much as for our exceptional expertise in federal aviation law.